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Our Unique Style & High Quality

You are planning THE wedding event and of course you want to remember this day more than any other day you have experienced so far. You are probably going to spend a lot of time with your wedding event planner preparing this special day and discover that the possibilities are huge. The list of suppliers is endless. How do you select the elite group you need for your perfectly planned event? You need experienced people who know what’s going to happen so you can enjoy the day as it is.

Imagine “uncle Bob” as your wedding photographer, he forgot to put a memory card in the camera, or charge its battery… A wedding event isn’t the kind of event to take risks with, not if you care about remembering how you felt on that day at least.
If quality matters you need true professionals, we solely work with staff from our own team of highly educated photographers whom have seen almost every situation and are capable of working in difficult locations.

We deliver high quality imagery and have experienced weddings all over the planet. Thanks to our clients we have been able to capture wedding events in the US, Europe and Africa, still two more continents to add. But nevertheless you can rely on us. We have been in deserts, snowy mountains, in the air and even in the ocean. We know exactly what to cover to help you remember your wedding day as it unfolded.


Quality is our main focus in everything we do. It starts with communication, the service during the day, dresscode and off course the quality of our images we deliver. We use the latest and high-tech equipment to create stunning images without disturbing the event. We pay attention to the smallest details in delivering a wonderful experience.

The fact that others value our services and results with a 9.9 on average means a lot to us. We are relentless to deliver as promised and with those reviews it empowers us to even work harder. Is makes us extremely proud to be able to work at high end wedding events.

Naturally you will receive a high quality Italian made wedding album with the best of the best images arranged in a beautiful way to recall your emotions. relive the day as it unfolds spread after spread, your story, your day. You will probably cry again. Can you imagine?