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Destination Wedding Europe

When you have decided that you want to plan a Destination Wedding Europe it is time to start gathering information about local suppliers. We understand that you want to be sure that your event will be planned excellent, beautifully styled and photographed and filmed like you haven’t seen before. You want your Destination Wedding Europe to be very special!

Based out of the Netherlands, in the middle of Europe

Based out of the Netherlands we are an excellent partner to help you find the best possible suppliers for your needs, because we mainly shoot weddings for high demanding clients we have plenty experience and would love to work together with you to create an unforgettable experience.

Dutch Castle Wedding venues

You probably want to get married in Europe because of it’s ancient venues. Real castles, caves, or beach houses that can offer everything you can dream of. Because we have a rich portfolio we are able to show you wedding on all sorts of venues across Europe. Plan your Destination Wedding Europe with care and make sure to surround yourself with the highest quality suppliers and enjoy your weddingday to the fullest!

The climate

Getting married in Europe is unforgettable! We have great food and wines, lovely people and the weather is really easy on you in the summer times, especially around the Mediterranean. Choose Italy if you want to get married near old Olive trees, dine under the vineyard cover and celebrate the party in the pool of the Masseria. Or choose Ibiza in the Mediterranean Sea near Spain with it’s stunning almost desert locations and extreme rock formations in the ocean.

Why not choose Switzerland or Austria if you want to have amazing wedding images with snowy mountains?

Or celebrate your Destination Wedding Europe in Holland with it’s awesome sunsets!

Securely planned and executed by seasoned professionals

Planning an overseas wedding can be tough, that’s why you will probably want to work with local vendors. They know where to go and can plan and organise the entire wedding without you even being near the venue. We are photographers and film makers and we usually have a really close connection with our couples. When they get delivery of their albums we always review the wedding day and other vendors. We gather their opinions and can help you find the best of the best. No, we will not plan your wedding, but we do know some great suppliers which do. Locals that are true professionals and understand the level of quality you desire.

Please contact us if you have any questions about your very own Destination Wedding Europe!